For decades, solutions have been sought for the difficulty of communicating teams in remote locations, trying to overcome the barriers of distance and the different languages of each one.

For this, the study of data transmission needs in each sector has been very important in the development of Farell solutions. The quantity and frequency of data necessary locates us in a specific type of electronics to solve the difficulties raised.

In this line, FARELL INSTRUMENTS focuses on the development of professional radio-modems capable of communicating over long distances, with durable electronics and the ability to link all types of equipment, during all hours of the day in real time. Unlike other technologies, there is no dependence on external operators, or physical barriers, to provide a 100% reliable and robust solution.

The multitude of manufacturers and teams of local solutions in the field also creates a difficulty of integrating data and signals. For this reason, a solution is needed for the capture of data and signals to be transmitted with universal modules for a multitude of functions. With universal data capture and transmission, it is possible to work with remote teams, whatever their origin and language, as if we were talking about a single system.