Irrigation system in real time

Based on concentrator and remote units, the IRRIMATION system allows full control and management of the agricultural exploitation, from the reception and emission of signals to the visualization and extraction of data, going through the multiple necessary programming. Being an open system, it facilitates the integration of other systems (pumps, filters, deposits, ...) to the joint solution for irrigators. With your own or third-party SCADA solution, on a local server or cloud.



Free or licensed band. Long-range
Available in VHF and UHF bands, licensed or free band.

Minimum consumption and maintenance
The remote units can operate on batteries (more than 3 years), due to low consumption, thus allowing minimal maintenance.

Remote adaptation and update
Equipment can be expanded in functionality and upgraded remotely.

Easy installation and configuration
Suitable for non-specialists. The configuration is done from the mobile application.

Reliable and robust
IP-67 box. Isolated system with immunity to electric shocks. Communication 365 days a year, 24 hours, without dependence on operators.

Durability without obsolescence
The equipment is manufactured for a long duration, with up to 10 years of guarantee. No obsolescence due to compatibility with old equipment.



· Industrial automations
· Irrigation communities
· Gardens and parks
· Sectorization of drinking water
· Water consumption accounting
· Irrigation control
· Irrigation programming



· VHF and UHF bands, with or without a license
· Long range: up to 30 km
· Box IP-67
· Up to 16 digital inputs
· Up to 16 digital outputs
· Up to 4 analog inputs
· Power provided to analog sensors
· Programmer function
· Datalogger function
· Battery-powered remotes (autonomy > 3 years)
· System isolated to electrical discharges.
· Intuitive configuration by mobile application
· Instantaneous flows
· Real time control